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Relapse & Revival Tour

In January of 2017, Rebecca Hunter – wife of reclusive singer-songwriter, poet, and author Robert Hunter – was diagnosed with an aggressive and difficult to treat form of cancer. The next ten months were a blur. Rebecca was only 28 at the time, making plans for a family. Both were in the prime of their lives and, according to many, Robert was on the cusp of a breakthrough in his music career.

Then all their plans changed.

Like others who’ve received a gut wrenching diagnosis, the pair spent a considerable amount of time in shock, considering the odds. But not even cancer, months in and out of hospitals, enduring surgical procedures, chemotherapy, and facing an especially uncertain future, could keep them down for long.

Rebecca’s unsinkable faith and positivity, proved to be the anchor. Her remarkable strength and courage quickly became an inspiration to others including friends, family, doctors, patients – and especially Robert, whose fan base responded by sending thousands of cards and well wishes from all over the country.

It was a late night in August, the day before a major surgery to remove what was left of the cancer, and to see if it had spread. The two sat on a blanket in the backyard, with their dog Gracie, to watch the stars as they often did. But this time, Robert asked a difficult question, under the circumstances - What if?

Of course she’d thought about it too. Rebecca smiled, though her hands were shaking. After a moment passed, she got up, went inside and began to rifle through stacks of Roberts notes; manuscripts and unrecorded songs. She handed some of those to him.

“I want everyone to know, what I know,” she said. “I want you to publish this crazy book. I want you to make these songs and I want to be there with you. I want a big, beautiful, wild adventure – just like the ones you write about. I want to go on the road. I want to see everything. But even if I can’t do any of that, I want you to promise me, that you will.”

So Relapse and Revival were born - a mixture of the literary and the lyrical; both parts moxie and madness; wistful and wild – but somehow bursting at the seams with rapture. Critics agree - but there’s only one person Robert Hunter has aimed to please.

And Rebecca is now in remission.

Join Robert Hunter and Rebecca on the Relapse & Revival Tour, as they take on the world against all odds, with a highly anticipated new novel, an acoustic guitar, and a message of finding hope, inspiration, love and courage, in the most unlikely of places.