What is Bookable?

Bookable is a platform that allows fans to book their favorite Artists for live performances, including house concerts, private concerts, weddings, corporate shows and many other formats.

How Does It All Work?

Artists announce their availability through Bookable and fans bid to book the artist on a specific date. We facilitate the whole process from start to finish (bidding, booking, payment etc).

What Does a Performance Look Like?

We are all about creating one-of-a kind experiences. The Host dictates the nature of the show, and if the Artist agrees then we move forward. Typical shows include house concerts, corporate events, performances at weddings and/or other special occasions. We've even had fans start their own small music festivals!

Are Shows Open To The Public?

Typically Hosts limit shows to their invited guests only. If a show is to be made open to the general public, the Artist will have to agree at the time of booking.

Can I Make a Profit as a Host?

If a Host decides to sell tickets to raise money to cover the Artist's fee and ends up making a profit, then the Host can keep the profit or can split the profit with the Artist. Host's can raise money to cover the fee in any way they see fit. 

How Do I Pay for The Performance Fee?

Performance fees are collected up-front via PayPal or Credit Card. Payments are completely secure.

Am I Able to Communicate With The Artist and Ask Questions Before Committing Myself to a Booking?

Yes. Once a bid is made Bookable will help you communicate back and forth so that expectations on both sides are clear before any commitment is made.

I'm Not in the US, Can I Use the Service?

Yes absolutely, we're International baby :)

I Want to Host but I Don't Have any Sound Equipment, Is that an issue?

We encourage Artists to bring everything they need for a show but understand that show requirements can vary. You’ll be able to discuss the specifics before you commit to a show. Remember you can always contact us with questions!

How Is the Artist Paid?

Hosts pay the Artist for the performance at the time of booking.

How is Bookable Paid?

Bookable adds an 8% service fee on bookings, charged to the Host (for example, where the agreed upon fee is $1000,  then the Host will pay a total of $1080).

Bookable deducts an 8% booking commission on the agreed upon booking fee from the Artist (for example, where the agreed upon fee is $1000, the Artist will net $920).

What are your cancellation, rescheduling and refund policies? 

Both Hosts and Artists may need to cancel a booking or request/schedule a new date - we understand and accept that this is normal for business of this nature. See our User Agreement for the exact terms and conditions.

Is Bookable Just for Artists, or for Managers and Agents too?

It's perfect for both. Agents and Managers can also use the service on behalf of Artists to book shows and route tours.

If I'm a Venue, Agent or Promoter, Can I Use the Service?

100%. While Bookable was conceived with private, fan-hosted events in mind, we encourage you to use the service to bring artists to your bar, club, festival or event.