'direct-to-fan touring has been the most rewarding and successful model for playing live that I’ve yet discovered as an artist'

How Does It Work?


  • Create an artist profile with Bookable
  • Describe the types of show you are willing to play (house concert, wedding, corporate etc)
  • Decide on a minimum fee
  • Specify available dates and geographical limitations
  • Provide technical requirements (for instance, do you bring your own sound?)


  • Let your fans know that you are Bookable!
  • Direct fans to your Bookable profile page using your promotional channels (FB, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube)


  • Fans bid on available dates
  • If the minimum fee is met, you have the option to confirm or decline the date/host
  • Fans can bid on multiple dates to help with routing options and their chances of getting a show
  • If a fan bids below the minimum fee, they are encouraged to try again (with a suggested offer)
  • If a fan meets the minimum fee, but doesn't get the date, they are offered an alternative


  • You agree to the booking(s) and a contract is sent to the host(s) with all the small print
  • Once the host signs the contract you still have the final decision on whether the show moves forward


  • The fee is collected on your behalf and paid out at the time of booking
  • Bookable commissions just 8% of the artist's fee for facilitating the booking process.